The Effortless Style of RalstonWilliams

Our store is now closed.

Presenting a line of clothing designed for active women who seek both elegance and practical innovation in their personal style. Ralston Williams is about the freedom to move. An effortless flow created by fine Italian fabrics cut to perfection and made here in Canada. Every piece of clothing makes it a pleasure to change in or out with ease – thanks to our signature front closures using innovative zippers and magnets. Designed for women including those with limited hand mobility. Ralston Williams is about inspired choices with a capsule collection of spring and summer dresses to celebrate the season. 

Model in sweater leaning against a chair

Our focus is fit without compromise. Every detail considered. From the stretch and give of the waistbands to the discreet loops that make them easier to step into. Deeper armholes. No buttons on cuffs. Just a discerning eye for beauty running through every garment in our collection. Designed for women who demand fashion on their own terms. Style and function artfully aligned. It’s about time for a label like Ralston Williams.

A playful ruche. A burst of colour. A flash of unexpected texture. The Feather Collection takes the spirit of whimsy found in flight, and grounds it in the natural world with serene neutrals and refined fabrications. It’s all about basics that go beyond. Basics that will take you places. For us, that means gorgeous staples to round out your closet, whatever the season. From lightweight toppers to shape-shifting knits, now’s the time to spread your sartorial wings.
A practicing lawyer for almost 30 years, founder Mary Beth Currie brings her talent for logic and precision to the Ralston Williams brand. Inspired by her mother’s struggle with arthritis and her own damaged rotator cuff, her design energies focused on functional innovation as a measure of the brand’s true uniqueness.

The result? An innovative and ingeniously easy to wear line of clothing that combines fashionable practicality and beautifully feminine styling.

Mary Beth has a certificate in Fashion Business from Parsons School of Design, New York and attended the Fashion Techniques and Design Program at George Brown College in Toronto.