Reflections Silk And Metal Tunic

Add a dash of colour to your day with this unique tunic. A blend of silk and fine metal makes it textured but oh-so lightweight; the perfect complement to our Granite-Coloured Bare Shoulder Top or Textured Pant. Complete the look with out Reversible Jersey Top.


  • Sheer, light tunic woven with metal
  • Trimmed with a copper metallic ribbon around neck and front opening
  • Imported Italian fabric: 79% silk, 21% metal
  • Seams are bound
  • Do not steam-the fabric contains metal and is designed to be crinkly-steam can shrink it
  • One size fits all (and each must be ordered and takes 3-4 weeks to produce)
  • Made in Canada
  • Style # 172-01-03

$450 (CAD)

Effortless Dressing Features

  • No closures
  • Deep armholes
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